Global business ventures offer enormous opportunities for growth and success, but they come with significant risks. Blue Water Growth’s team eases your journey across the sometimes choppy seas of various government regulatory systems, financial practices, and currencies, as well as historically-derived business practices and cultural and linguistic differences.

Many consulting firms try to apply a standard business communication model all over the world. Blue Water Growth has experience that enables communications strategies and techniques that are tailored to each unique culture. Our leadership team regularly visits both Asia and Europe. Our team has experience operating in the sprawling cities of India, the islands of Southeast Asia, all parts of Europe, and the hinterlands of China. Our hands-on approach to global transactions and dealmaking, deep cultural understanding, and global network of resources is unique and will enable you to win in the global market.


Our research is in-country, not internet-based. We use multiple sources so that we can cross-reference results. And—most important—we check our findings in person. We know hugely successful firms may have amateurish websites, but we will go in person to check out the company. As a result, our research produces deep and accurate information, revealing each company’s resources, relationships, and connections to critical government agencies and respected research institutions.
To reduce risk and ascertain the likelihood of a successful transaction, you need local “ear to the ground” intelligence. Blue Water Growth is unsurpassed in its ability to supply that intelligence.


Blue Water Growth has a vast, well-connected network of professional and personal relationships across Asia and Europe, developed from our decades of experience. The Asian countries, in particular, are numerous and very dynamic. Relationships are critical for making connections, and the ability to make new relationships from tangential contacts can be even more important. In the U.S. and other Western countries, business contacts tend to be vertical: one person, one type of business. Outside the West, numerous industrial opportunities can result from one contact, if you have the ability to connect once you are referred. Not every business executive or consultant has that ability. You have to be comfortable in the boardroom, but also happy to eat at a local roadside food stand. It’s not always obvious who really has the power—and the money. Because we’ve lived and worked overseas for many years, we can introduce you to the people you need to meet and help you understand the intentions, motivations, and plans of potential acquirers or partners.


There is no substitute for international experience. No amount of reading or academic study can prepare you or substitute for time on the ground in foreign business environments. Blue Water Growth’s partners have combined in-country, hands-on experience in East and Southeast Asia exceeding 65 years. We have lived, started businesses, built and evaluated factories, and executed successful mergers and acquisitions across the United States, Europe, and Asia. We are unsurpassed in our ability to execute complex cross-border transactions.


Foreign businesses and investors with an eye toward stable, long-standing operation and brand-building  often have a longer-term investment horizon than the U.S. Eastern investors in particular require a long-term, personal commitment. Blue Water Growth mirrors that commitment by making our services available beyond the close of the deal. We offer transitional and interim management focused on the transaction’s long-term success. Many cross-cultural deals have failed for lack of a cultural translator or bridge, despite the best intentions of the partners. Blue Water Growth can help you work out problems of objectives and execution that can and do arise.