The international business climate of early 2020 has been highly volatile and uncertain to date. The coronavirus outbreak in particular has placed supply chains at risk and heavily impacted global markets, and political factors including trade wars, Brexit, and USMCA add further sources of unpredictability. This provides a crucial opportunity to assess your supply chain.


Blue Water Growth will apply our vast experience and unique insights to a strategic assessment of your supply chain’s current state and gap analysis, including:

  • Understanding your current goals and objectives

  • Evaluation of current vendor performance and risk

  • Evaluation of best vendor assessment and selection criteria

  • Monitoring process (vendor scorecards and other performance metrics)

  • Team skills assessment

  • Contracting methodology

  • Risk evaluation and mitigation process

Results and Deliverables

Based upon the outcome of the assessment process, BWG will develop a strategic sourcing project plan comprised of high-level supply chain goals and objectives to support your overall corporate strategy.

  • Recommend short- and long-term corrective actions resulting from the gap analysis

  • Deliver an assessment of prioritized risks associated with your current supply chain

  • Develop diverse supplier assessment and selection criteria based on your specific needs

  • Provide recommendations for ongoing monitoring and control of suppliers

We will provide this assessment remotely or on-site at your facility for $8650.

For more information and available bookings, contact:
Managing Director David Iwinski –                  (412) 352 7997
Senior Consultant Thomas Watson –            (412) 398 4639

Strategic Sourcing Assessment