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The global supply chain is fracturing: what can you do?

David Iwinski, Jr., of Blue Water Growth LLC, along with Meyer, Unkovic & Scott International Law Partner Dennis Unkovic, discuss the ramifications of the COVID-19 virus on the global supply chain. Discussion will include the initial impact at the center of the virus in China, along with the short-term effects on businesses and the long-term impact on trade and global supply chains.


MANTEC and World Trade Center Harrisburg co-hosted this webinar on June 2, 2020.



Do you really know your supply chain?

Over the last 14 years, we have been making supply chains leaner and leaner, reducing inventories and moving towards just-in-time processes. However, we may not have been calculating the risk to our organizations. Together with Meyer, Unkovic and Scott, Blue Water Growth has written a detailed guide on how to create a resilient, fault-tolerant supply chain.